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We ensure simplicity and connectivity across end to end business processes.  Your entire teams happiness is crucial.

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From SME's to multimillion dollar nationals. Catalysis has successfully advised and assisted a variety of organisations

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Your best interest is our best interest. We agnostic when recommending products and services.

We are passionate about helping you!

We care about you, your people and your business as if it were our own. We provide results focused advice and action plans. As business consultants we work closely with you to deliver real outcomes.

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Volt Safety Alex
"James found a great solution to streamline our Inventory system without the need to change our accounting software. This has saved us time and money as well as increasing accuracy through the automation of kit builds. Highly recommended...Many thanks"
Innovators Direct  Chewie
"James is an absolute legend. We had a quick chat around streamlining our debt collection process and not just that but also the reconciliation part in the admin side and he was able to recommend and assist us which in a few weeks started improving our cash flow and efficiency. Much better time spent on servicing our clients rather than bookwork. Thanks James!"
BNI Multi  Jacqui

"Thanks so much. We are loving this new tweak! AND it allowed us to reduce our shopify plan - saving about $2000 a year - so already paid for itself.

Lets meet when you get back and see what else we can do"

Pinch Payments Paul

"We have been working with James for a number of months now as one of his app partners. He is very knowledgeable and it is clear that his clients are very happy with his service. I would recommend engaging with James to review your business process to ensure you get the best out of cloud applications."

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