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Cash Flow Optimisation

Cash flow "what if" calculator

Input below with figures from your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

Revenues / Sales
Cost of Sales / COGS
Inventory (incl. Prepayments)
Debtors / Accounts Receivable
Creditors / Accounts Payable
Net Profit After Tax

Current State 1 day improvement = $X
Receivables Days $
Payables Days $
Inventory Days $
Cash Conversion Cycle

Utilise this "what if" table to see what difference getting paid sooner, managing outgoing and controlling inventory can mean for your cash flow!

Focus on Cashflow Improvements

Enter target improvement in days

Receivables Days(Aim to reduce)
Payables Days(Aim to sustainably increase)
Inventory Days (Aim to reduce)

Target Estimated Working Capital Savings
Receivables Days $
Payables Days $
Inventory Days $
Total Estimated Improvements $

Step 1: Get paid on time!

We partner with Pinch Payments!

Choose your accounting software to get started. 

Automatic Reconciling

Reduce you bookkeeping time significantly saving time and money.

Improve Cash flow

Get paid on time. Stop chasing late payers. 

Integration with invoicing

Integrate with Xero, Zoho, and Reckon solutions 


Full PCI compliance and secure management of your customers payment details to protect your reputation.

Simple to use

 Just tell us how you want to get paid, who your clients are and when to bill them and the rest runs on autopilot.

No Monthly Costs

Reducing costs and get rid of high monthly fees and allow simple integration to pass on billing fees.

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